It is a well-known fact that employees are the backbone of every organisation. Within the ever-changing global market, skills and knowledge of employees in the organisation may be become less and less effective. Keeping the employees skills sharp and up to date is a necessary measure for the survival of any organisation.

The Malta Institute of Management partners with leading companies to create training and development programmes that make a significant impact upon workforce abilities.  With over 20 years of experience, expertise in designing and delivering training solutions and commitment to the highest quality and effectiveness, MIM is confident to help increase the capabilities of the client’s employees.

Benefits of MIM Training


  • Up-Front Analysis; In order to ensure that clients get the most effective training possible, MIM undertakes a thorough needs analysis with the client before every programme.  MIM’s goal is to increase the capability of our client’s employees and to support the achievement of corporate objectives.
  • Competency-Based Programmes; All of MIM training and development programmes are based on the tenets of competency modelling.  That is, MIM has designed the programmes to impart the skills, knowledge and competencies that have been proven effective through the experience and academic background of MIM lecturers.
  • Customisation and Custom Development; For training one size doesn’t necessarily fit all situations.  MIM aims to customize programmes for clients.  Accordingly, because of MIM’s unique organizational capabilities, MIM can design assessment instruments, perform custom research build units and courses from scratch.
  • Scalable Delivery; Whether clients want to bring individual units, individual workshops, a certificate programme or a full training and development curriculum to their site, our courses are designed to be effective at whatever level of skill development their staff need.
  • Cost Effectiveness; By bringing training to client site, savings will be made on time thus money.
  • Convenience; Tailor-made programmes will be held when and where the client wants them.
  • Confidentiality; By delivering programmes specifically to the client organisation, the participants will have the freedom to explore sensitive or proprietary issues in confidence.
  • Top-notch Lecturers; MIM appoints lecturers with both a strong academic background and practical experience to ensure that programme participants receive an applied perspective to the subject being taught.

Prices on the above are available on request. Customised Short Courses range on various subjects below is a brief list of the Short Courses offered:

  • Essential Skills to Get the Most from your Staff
  • Better Communication Skills at Work – Communication that Delivers Results
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Effective Telephone Skills
  • Going The Extra Mile: Achieving Excellence in Customer Service
  • Creating Powerful Relationships Through Networking
  • Finance for Non Financial Managers
  • Interpretation of Company Accounts
  • Fundamentals of Marketing

For more information on how the MIM can cater for your organisational training needs contact us.

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